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Billing information

Invoices must include the project’s project number as a reference for allocation. Invoices with incomplete information will be returned to the sender.

Name: BTA Engineer Oy
Business ID: 3204866-6
E-invoice address: 003732048666
Operator: Pagero
Operator ID: 003723609900 or PAGERO

If you are unable to send an e-invoice, you can send a PDF invoice to

Each email can only contain one invoice’s details in a single PDF file, so any attachments to the invoice must be scanned into the same PDF file as continuation pages.

Please note that the PDF invoice must also contain the mailing address details of a paper invoice. 

The address for paper invoices is:

BTA Engineer Oy
EDI 003732048666
P.O. Box 908

You also have the option to send your invoices free of charge via Pagero’s portal. Learn more:

Any consolidated invoicing must be broken down.
To ensure the proper and prompt processing of your invoices, we request that you make the necessary changes to your records for BTA Engineer Oy (business ID 320486)

Contact persons

Rami Seppänen
HVAC business
Puh.+358 40 7537 068

Pepe Perkiö
Electricity and automation business
Puh.+358 50 302 3358

Marko Rajakangas
Member of the board
Puh.+358 50 912 4800


BTA Engineering ota yhteyttä