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Building Technology Consultancy

We provide building technology consultancy, design and supervision. Our clients range from large to small construction companies, property investment and management companies, as well as private individuals. Our experts are qualified to supervise exceptionally demanding buildings and high-rise towers. We also have decades of experience in the design and sales of ground source heat pump systems. We are an excellent partner for conducting your housing company’s energy renovation.

HVAC Maintenance Services and Contracting

As part of our comprehensive services, we handle HVAC maintenance, installations and contracting. Our team includes several HVAC installers, so that we can help builders stay on schedule with minimal hassle and reasonable costs. We can immediately address deficiencies noticed during supervision, so the client doesn’t need to allocate resources from their staff. This way, we can immediately take care of things that others postpone until tomorrow.
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BTA Engineer Story

Our company was born out of a desire to offer building technology construction services and design with a flexible structure, but with a professionalism that clients can rely on time after time. We understand the construction chain from start to finish; design, supervision and practical implementation. Our principle is to create sustainable solutions and face challenges with respect for the client’s interests. Often this results in easier projects, lower costs and fewer headaches. We aim to grow our operations with suitable moderation so that we can continue to meet the increasing demand. Our team currently includes 5 permanent members, and we also collaborate with other established players in the field.


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Customer Service Orientated

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